28 October 2009

The Innocent Age

I listened to this album in the car the other day. I wanted to write something about it, simply because I think Dan Fogelberg is a great talent, and while his music is (and I'm going to go out on a limb here) something that just about everyone in thesis would not be interested in (however if anyone does enjoy it, that would be awesome). I digress though, the reason I wanted to write something about this is simply because, albums are something that I've always drawn inspiration from, so I figured I'd talk a little about his music, and maybe the effect it's had on me over the years, maybe someone might find this interesting...

Dan Fogelberg's albums will always be labeled in my mind as 'my dad's music', in so much as he's a favorite musician of my dad's, and Dan's music is something I'll always associate with my dad. In that way, growing up there were a few songs I liked but I really never listened to most of it, since it was a part of dad's collection, not mine. As I grew up, I started digging through my dad's library of music, and Dan Fogelberg's work was prominent in his collection. The thing I began to notice with Fogelberg's music, was the intense personal connection it has, every song that he wrote is heartfelt, sincere, and something that he clearly feels strongly about. His music also covers a decent amount of emotional ground. The song Tucson, Arizona (Gazette) has become a favorite of mine recently, it's a song that tells a great story, about a man who basically takes this girl on a long car ride, and later on they find the two dead. (that's the real short of it) but the song asks the question of, 'what drove him to that point?' and the closing line goes "The neighbors speculated what could make a good boy go so bad,Well, it might have been the desert heat, It might have been the home he never had". I've just found the song interesting.

Hm....looking back, I'm not sure this post accomplishes anything. But check out some of his music.

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