27 October 2009

My good friend Jon goes to school at Fairleigh Dickinson for Graphic Design, he's really good at what he does, and he has started a blog (see the links to the side)

His recent post I thought made some really good points:

"I'm starting to get sick of having no websites or commercial media to use as a portfolio. I only have art that would be considered art-for-arts-sake. Why is it I can't find any other graphic designers who do the same type of work I do? All they seem to care about is making their brochures and event fliers and other commercial bull****. I understand the need for these things but when did the idea of art depart from graphic design. I challenge these students to make something that couldn't be used commercially. I have yet to see a fellow graphic designer in my classes who has art that was made for him or herself. /rant" - Jon

Thought that was interesting, and felt the need to share.

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