27 March 2010

march 26 crit

Not sure if we still have to do these.

However, I did get critiqued on Friday, it seemed like people liked what I'm doing, I just need to figure out the presentation. I was at work and discussing it later, and the idea of possibly drawing a splash page on the wall was brought up, and I could have the book presented in front of it, printed out in a large format. Which I think might be pretty cool. Going to have to think about it. I'm getting closer to finishing the first act of my book which is exciting.

04 March 2010

More Sketches

Sketches 1, 2 & 3: These ones are regarding the possible final shootout of the book.
Sketches 4 & 5: These two are some sketches, feeling out the way the final fight of Part 1 is going to work, I want it to be a really brutal struggle. These aren't quite there yet...

Note: All of the following sketches were most likely drawn during my art history class. (my excuse for the mediocrity)


In short order.
Sketch 1: Idea for the first page, Jake's getting shot. Clearly.
Sketch 2: Prelim for the first page of the book.
Sketch 3: Some cover layouts, none of them were used. Yet.
Sketch 4: Another cover layout, unused.

A Collection of Sketches

This one's a cover 'idea' and the other is just...a drawing, of Jake, smoking with empty shots next to him, outrageously clever.