06 November 2008

Also like this sketch as well. I think those are notes for italian in the corner. 
I really like this sketch. It sums up the character like perfectly. One day I may draw it for real. 
More depressed alcoholic loner person. 
More italian class sketching. 
Sketch for a series I'm vaguely planning. It centers around a miserable loner who smokes and drinks too much, and eventually snaps. ...... .. . . .

That sounds terrible. 
Time in italian class is always spent drawing.
Fortunately people accept this and bring sharpies in for me. 


This is Mr. Bear. He stays on the fridge.
All of his accessories are movable. I plan to make him multiple sets of things. This is the burnt-out drugged up set. 
Work in progress painting. I'm not yet ready to play with like real colors. Second painting I've done.

I don't think it's ever getting finished. 

Taxi Driver

Acrylic painting. First painting I've ever done that I actually like. Based off of DeNiro from Taxi Driver.
Quick drawing. Maybe I'll make it a painting sometime.