05 November 2009

Grad Schools.

Catching up on this post.

I have no desire to attend Grad School.
There, said and done.

I've already spent the last 4 years being screwed over in a variety of ways by universities, between transferring switching around my major, and all in all being neglected and left out in the cold pretty much. (no I'm not bitter or anything.....)

The absolute last thing I desire to do is attend grad school, accumulate a stupid amount of debt, and for what? To gain a graduate degree for something that I don't really intend to do? My 'plan' as it were, is to go into the design field, which from what I've read and been told by people, you don't need grad school for it. So why bother? I'm just fed up with all the bullshit of school, I'm ready to move on and do something new, maybe not better...but at least different.

This class has opened me up to some to the art world, that book 'Seven Days in the Art World' has told me more about the 'art world' than I ever cared to know. I simply have no desire to go to grad school and struggle to get into that world, and deal with the pretentious asses that seem to permeate every corner of that book. It's just simply a world I have no desire to live in.

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Megan said...

Matt, While I understand you have no interest in attending grad school right now, please look into at least 5 programs that you are in the design field. The purpose of this assignment is not to pressure everyone into the art-educational system but to become aware of opportunities that are out there for you, whether or not you choose to take advantage of them. Also- there are a lot of grad programs that offer assistantships, fellowship, and scholarship that cover full tuition- maybe you should look into a few of these. Please list at least 5 programs so you can get credit for the assignment.