17 September 2009

New Museum visit.

Right off the bat, I wish I had a little more to look at everything.

I enjoyed the Emory Douglass show, I liked the style that was used in all his pieces, that crisp graphic style is something I dig. The way it was displayed felt a bit too much like a history lesson and less about the art. But I still found myself appreciating the work. I liked how even some of his looser work had a specifically graphic feel to it.

David Goldblatt's work really impressed me. I'm a sucker for any large scale photos or prints or videos that just are obscenely sharp and vibrant. I love that. His photos just looked HD, I mean the level of detail and clarity in some of those prints was just ridiculous. The fact that the subject matter was interesting and he had something to say with everything aside, the technical aspects of all his photo work impressed the hell out of me. Also the contrast between all the color photos and the b&w was really interesting and the photos of locations at two different time periods were pretty neat.

One thing about the New Museum that always bugs me, is that it reminds me of Home Depot (not that I don't like the Depot, I wouldn't be caught dead in a Lowes) but the place just feels unfinished.

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