17 September 2009

Alex bag video.

That was painful.
I like the humor of it, all the satire and just, it was an utter rip on art kids and their attitude which is great. Because the stereotypical art kid tends to have the worst kind of attitude, with all this overly pretentious crap they tend to spew. But seriously....an hour? Most of the characters that weren't the art kid were just...annoying. However I loved the bit with the video teacher, but the hello kitty parts had me shut off the volume and go do something else while I waited for it to pass.

There were segments that I liked, in that they just made fun of a specific attitude that I really can't stand, but the length and and over use of the word 'like' bothered me and the annoying characters that she brought into it grated on my nerves, and I really just wanted to move onto doing something else...

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