02 February 2010

Last Friday's Crit.

So, that was helpful. It's got me thinking about a few different directions and ideas. Primarily it brought up the idea of getting more to the core of what I want to do, I think...
Victor brought up the idea of focusing on the cover, and maybe making the pieces be a series of covers, since, whoever is critiquing the show, most likely won't want to sit down and read through an entire book...which, makes sense...
Now I just need to solidify the direction I plan on taking.

We'll see how it goes.

I liked seeing what everyone else in the crit group was up to, it seemed to be a pretty eclectic mix of work, which is nice.

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Anonymous said...

The layouts you should were really cool. I (personally) and not into comic culture but I can respect what you are doing. The technique you have is really amazing. Maybe I have to brush up on some comicon stuff to better understand your ideas. The underlying basis on the comic I really liked though, the idea of being alone, lonely, even when surrounded by people and things.