01 December 2009

zimmerli trip

Catch up post, I went to the Zimmerli a while ago for the color blocks show and the 'modern artists' show. That place is a friggen maze. Some of the woodcuts were neat, I'm not sure how they actually do wood cuts, but I think it lends itself to a pretty cool style. I mean, there wasn't much that really stood out to me as being all that great out of that selection.

I did enjoy the Russian artists they had upstairs, they were members of a movement of some sort, but I totally dug the abstract collage like painting things, with like brooms and nails just thrown on the canvas, they were pretty awesome. I don't know what they were supposed to be, but they looked real neat, pretty dark though...

The modern artists exhibit also was somewhat underwhelming. The one guy had a piece that was just a picture of a basketball player with the number and name erased off his jersey. I'm sorry, but that is the lamest shit, the fact that some guy just learned how to use the damn clone stamp tool in photoshop. Either it's the same artist or a different one, but he makes videos and just erases the names and numbers from sports footage. I find it to completely lack and real work, or ability, they can use a clone stamp tool...awesome, I could teach a friggen six year old to do that, assign whatever meaning you may like to the pieces, but the lack of any real work on the artist's part I think removes merit, they're not even his pictures.
The rest of the exhibit was also pretty underwhelming, with a lot of the pieces just not really adding up, nothing really struck me.

Oh well...

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Megan said...

Matt- this should be better researched. If you are writing a review, you cannot assume your readers know what you are talking about. If the Russians are part of a "movement of some sort" what was it and how does it relate to the work. What are the names of the artists in these shows? I can't tell from this that you actually were at the museum rather than just looking at their website. What were the works like in person? Scale? Color? etc